Opening Day / Fantasy Baseball Draft Results

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Coming off of a World Baseball Classic, TEAM USA victory last week where Marcus Stroman pitched masterfully we roll into the last Thursday without baseball! I am so freaking excited I cannot stand it. I wanna go see baseball, I wanna play baseball, I wanna watch it, I wanna watch the coverage, I wanna watch ESPN 30 for 30 baseball specials I’ve already seen before. I am so pumped for Opening Day Monday. I have plans to attend the Opening Day parade in downtown Cincinnati Monday morning and enjoy myself at the block party a little. I plan to do some shopping around, eating some unhealthy greasy food and heading home in time to watch the pregame coverage on TV to get me even more ready for the season.

This entry is not intended to amplify my excitement for the regular season (although it clearly cannot be contained), it is intended to follow up on my last blog entry in regards to my fantasy draft plans and suggestions and how I was able to “practice what I preach” and how I failed miserably in some areas in a league of 12 people who aren’t just casual fans who know a few names.

I ended up with the 9th overall pick and if I am being honest with myself cannot help but think I made a questionable decision. I chose Joey Votto as he is my favorite player but I defend it wasn’t a bad choice at all, I can’t help but wonder if maybe I messed up by passing up Bryce Harper (who is having a monster spring by the way) and Josh Donaldson. With Trout, Altuve, Bryant, Arenado, Machado, Kershaw and company off the table I felt like the right move would have been to take Donaldson or Harper but in the past I’ve had a hard time getting past the hype of Bryce harper despite his MVP season, although Donaldson I have no such excuse. I admit I may have blown this call but I have a gut feeling about Votto batting .330 with 30+ home runs and at least 80 RBIs.

For my second pick I immediately told myself “I’m going to get an ACE early this time” so I went for the top guy on my list. I even put him above Kershaw. I went with Mad Max Scherzer. I did it completely hoping he’d throw 8 no hit games and have multiple 20K performances because that’s the delusional world I live in. I managed to pick up Jonathan Lucroy at the backstop in the 3rd round right after Posey was off the table which ensured me I have gotten arguably the best catcher in the game. I’d have prefered Posey for versatility at 1st base but Lucroy is a solid AVG/HR guy. With my 4th round pick I noticed leading up to it that Seager, Lindor, Turner, Correa were flying off the board and I said that this shortstop position is too deep to miss on so I in an almost panic grabbed Addison Russell. I’ve read places over the offseason that he is expected to build on his success and surprise people. I’d like to be the beneficiary of that.

I don’t recall my next picks in exact order but I know Rick Porcello was my next pitcher I drafted. I figured why not have 2 current CY winners on my rotation? Then next I managed to draft David Price (much later in the draft to my surprise). I drafted Price as a gamble hoping he figures out his issues and pitches to the level we’ve grown use to from him. If he doesn’t rack up wins I hope he racks up K’s. Other notables among my rotation are late picks. AJ Ramos for the Saves, Steve Cishek for the saves, to fill out my rotation, Collin McHugh, Trevor Bauer, Chris Tillman, Jason Hammel, Brandon Finnegan shape up my pitching staff.
I managed to land a decent outfield that after my priority-list / wish list was nearly unavailable I began drafting on my gut. I drafted Andrew Benintendi who is a promising rookie in Boston who is said to be a 5-tool threat and a big package. I picked up Tim Anderson as a back up shortstop for the SB stat. I also grabbed Hernan Perez from Milwaukee because of his versatility and SB total. Jason Kipnis and Justin Turner fill out my 1st and 2nd base positions late in the draft. I feel like I slept on Turner because I kind of forgot he existed then when I seen his name I remembered the MLB Network had “The Shredder” that ranks top 3rd basemen 1-10 and Turner made that list. Then you look at his 2016 output and the guy is quietly one of the best in the league! I feel like I did well there suddenly. And to think, I almost drafted Pablo Sandoval in desperation.

CJ Cron is my backup to 1st base along with MLB HR leader Chris Carter who plays for the Yankees this year and will likely DH. My outfield outside of Benintendi includes Adam Duvall, Nomar mazara, Max Kepler and Kevin Kiermaier and JD Martinez. Eduardo Nunez rounds out my utility role for the SB and AVG and Scooter Gennett was my final pick. He is now with Cincinnati but will likely be a support option for 2nd base and OF positions. The kid had pop though and hits a cool .260 so we will see.

How did I do? Where did I go wrong? How far did I deviate from my own strategy? I’d like to hear how your team looks and what your approach was. Comment and let’s get the discussion going. With that said Happy Opening Day!!!!

David Washburn


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