Death in the Family

Sunday, February 12, 2017

    Well here it is...we are sitting at the doorstep of another baseball season! 2017 will be beginning in just days with the opening of spring training. Pitchers and catchers reporting first of course. But it seems the last few seasons have been marred slightly by death. This season unfortunately will not be any different.
     It seems to me that we haven't had time to get over the passing of one of my favorite young pitchers Jose Fernandez of the Marlins, may he rest in peace.
     Then I get the news of one of my local of what I call my family, my community..Yordano Ventura died in a car wreck in his homeland of the Dominican Republic. And not only that career minor leaguer and one time top prospect Andy Marte also suffers the same fate. Then before I can even fully ponder how I want to write this blog entry I saw the news the other night that Detroit Tigers owner and beloved local businessman Mike Ilitch also passed away.
     Before you start getting too depressed by me re-reporting all the bad news let me get to my point. Here in Kansas City these ballplayers are like family. I have heard that there are already plans to remember Ventura and celebrate his life. My father recently passed away as well and as sad as it was the best way to remember him for me was to celebrate his life. Remembering the good times have gone a long way for me on the road to healing.
     So when we root, root, root for the home team remember that we aren't just cheering or jeering for professional athletes. We are rooting for our families, our friends, our community. In my opinion baseball is the last professional sport where it still feels that way. We have been blessed to have a game that can represent life that way. Baseball I love you and all your fallen heroes! We will miss you Jose, Yordano, Andy and Mike. May you rest in piece and thank you for your contributions to our game.


David Washburn said...

Well said man. It's tragic to have a player die and much more heartwrenching when you consider them family. I thought Fernandez was exciting to watch. Electricity on a pile of dirt every game he played. Ventura was a ball of fire mixed with emotion and a flare matched by nobody. I don't know much of Marte but I also think of Taveras passing. A lot of young guys. I hope the Royals honor Ventura right on opening day in KC. It will be uncomfortable for anyone excited and anticipating baseball's return but it will be a necessary gesture.

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