Mike Trout In Pinstripes?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

      So I have seen a couple articles from non-credible sources today talking about the possibility of Mike Trout possibly being destined for the Yankees. 

      For the last 2 years now we have all been taken back by how good Bryce Harper is and that Harper was a Yankee fan growing up and that he seems to be the kind of player that would end up in New York. In my humble opinion, Bryce Harper seems more of a Red Sox, Boston kinda guy. Just looking at the facial hair, the sometimes scruffy look, the "live out loud" attitude. Mike Trout comes off quiet and this season has been relatively under the radar but as of today is batting .317 with 8 HRs and playing typical Trout-esque center field baseball. 
      So I read this article and it pretty much has the Yankees pegged as the #1 landing spot if the Angels decide to tear down and replenish their farm system. When you trade a player like Mike Trout though you don't just get a few prospects. You can pretty much demand a king's ransom and someone will pay it right? Let's talk about the Yankees. They have Carlos Beltran, coming off payroll soon, A ROD, Sabbathia and I believe a few others. They will have financial flexibility to spend like we're use to seeing in the past. They currently have a very rich farm system. They have been relunctant to give up prospects for rental players in recent years so they have players like Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, Dellin Betances, Greg Bird, Jorge Mateo. There is no question that the yankees could pull off a mega block buster trade to LA for Trout if Anaheim so wished to move him. 
      So now let's talk about the Angels. 
A trade like this is only made once a team decides to go "all in" on a new organizational direction with how they produce talent, and field a team people pay to see. If you trade Trout today who are you excited to see right now? An aging Pujols? CJ Cron? Kole Calhoun? An injured Andrelton Simmons? The team is asleep at the wheel with flashes of what we in the baseball community thought was going to be a dynasty when Trout broke out in 2012, then the Pujols and Josh Hamilton signing. At the time Jered Weaver and CJ Wilson were lights out. I think if the Angels were to be serious about rewriting their story or scrapping the old blue print, this is the way to go. 

How will Mike "Millville Meteor" Trout look in pinstripes? 

I'll tell you one thing, it seems a lot more likely to happen than Harper going there right now. 
A dragging team in a weak AL west and a very impressive competetive team in the stacked NL East..

What do you think?


William Robinson said...

I agree whole heartedly with you. Harper seems like a better fit in Boston and Trout in New York and the Angeps would be stupid not to trade him if they get a decent package. I mean hell they can't win with him, maybe they can without him?

David Washburn said...

Yeah William, that was my thinking exactly. He has to go somewhere and contend. The guy is just too good. He is a great role model for kids right now to. He plays hard but isn't flashy, isn't a loudmouth. I like to imagine what teams would give up for him though. The Angels got him locked up for another 5 1/2 years now right? I seen other articles today talking about how the Braves and Phillies should be trying to trade for him aggressively. Which I think is silly because they are still replenishing their farms. I think currently the Yanks are the perfect fit. What about the Cardinals though? Could you imagine them trading a few top pieces for Trout and then reshaping their team around Trout? I'm not a Cardinal fan at all and would have to hate him by default at that point but it makes sense.

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