Chris Sale is human, Tomlin sneaky good, K-Rod's milestone, JBJ Chases history

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Good morning

      From my couch on a Wednesday morning in Cincinnati I sit watching MLB network and highlights from last night. In an unrelated note to what I wanna talk about, my Reds are just not playing good baseball. 9 losses in a row now. You know it's a bad year when you get an email that is offering 15 games for $59 this summer.

      Let's talk about Chris Sale. Sale has gone up until last night 9-0 with 9 consecutive decisions. His ERA was well under 2.00 and he seemed to just keep it rolling along. The guy is everything the White Sox wanted him to be and more. I've even bought in on the hype a bit and grabbed a few autographed baseball cards despite me not typically chasing pitchers due to their injury rate. Despite last night I think Sale is still regarded one of the best pitching today and this will only be a minor setback. This just proves everyone is hittable. Arrietta is the next to get lit up with this logic.

      Tuesday night at US Cellular field Sale takes the mound to face the Cleveland Indians and their quietly dominating starter Josh Tomlin. Sale only lasted 3 1/3 innings and threw 89 pitches. He gave up 6 runs in that short time. Cleveland unloaded the hitting parade on Sale. Consequently Tomlin cruised to his 7th win. Chris Sale did not allow this to be a team loss. He wears the loss out loud saying "We didn't lose this game, I lost this game". Tomlin was tagged for two homeruns while Striking out 6. Tomlin is now 7-0. I think people expected Corey Kluber to be pitching how Tomlin is. Cleveland is starting to look like a serious team this season. The White Sox look good to but have cooled off. Miguel Cabrera is raking again in Detroit so this AL Central may heat up and be a dogfight to the end if these teams continue to play like this,

Other noteworthy things happening in baseball.

      K-Rod just notched his 400th career save in Detroit last night against the Phillies. He now sits 6th all time. He is on pace to pass Billy Wagner next who has 422 career saves.

      Jackie Bradley Jr, Continues to keep the hits coming and has now reached the halfway mark to chasing Joltin' Joe DiMaggio's record. The improbability of him doing it extremely unlikely but it sure is exciting to watch it unfolding. Imagine if he does break it!? I would have never expected JBJ to be capable of doing it but I sure am enjoying it. Plus he is on my fantasy team so I have that to enjoy to.  That hitting streak record will likely be the last record to fall if it ever does. This is a pitching era though and the strikeout is no big deal anymore so I'd be surprised to see anyone rival the all time hit record anytime soon.

      That is all for me, Comment, cite your opinions and have your friends come check out the blog.


Danny Morrison said...

Just a couple more observations to go along with yours.
With the other teams you mentioned, you can't forget the Royals. When they heat up that division could be fun to watch.
Also, to go along with the milestones, and even tho it is not a record chase, Ichiro is only 44 hits away from 3000.

Danny Morrison said...

Also, while we're giving praise to really good pitchers, we have to give a shout out to our beloved former Red Johnny Cueto. He is having a great year.

David Washburn said...

Yes KC hasn't kicked it into gear yet. I think that's gonna be a four team race.

And Cueto may have a career year. I miss having him in Cincy.

Ichiro will have no problem getting those hits as long as Mattingly allows him more starts.

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